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标题/作者 影响因子 年份

Intrinsically organized resting state networks in the human spinal cord. 下载
Kong, Y., Eippert, F., Beckmann, C. F., Andersson, J., Finsterbusch, J., Büchel, C., ... & Brooks, J. C.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
9.580 2014

Emotional context influences micro-expression recognition 下载
Zhang, M., Fu, Q., Chen, Y. H., & Fu, X.
PloS one
2.776 2014

Assessment of physiological noise modelling methods for functional imaging of the spinal cord 下载
Kong, Y., Jenkinson, M., Andersson, J., Tracey, I., & Brooks, J. C.
5.812 2012

Stimulus site and modality dependence of functional activity within the human spinal cord 下载
Brooks, J. C., Kong, Y., Lee, M. C., Warnaby, C. E., Wanigasekera, V., Jenkinson, M., & Tracey, I.
Journal of Neuroscience
4.139 2012

Analysis of connectivity in the resting state of the default mode of brain function: a major role for the cerebellum? 下载
Kong, Y., Mukherjee, T., McKie, S., Deakin, J. W., & Williams, S.
International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

A model of the dynamic relationship between blood flow and volume changes during brain activation 下载
Kong, Y., Zheng, Y., Johnston, D., Martindale, J., Jones, M., Billings, S., & Mayhew, J.
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism